Psy tapped to promote Korean tourism




, Last Updated: 10:47 AM ET

Already widely regarded as the unofficial ambassador for South Korea, the country's tourism agency has finally made it official, shooting a series of commercials with viral YouTube sensation Psy who will promote Korea in a major media blitz around the world.

Starting next month, the viral online pop phenomenon will take to the airwaves across major international media outlets promoting the country's punchy, spicy, flavorful cuisine; major natural attractions; and of course Seoul's luxury shopping districts -- the inspiration behind Psy's first hit song "Gangnam Style."

For the uninitiated, the ad campaign "Psy's Wiki Korea" will introduce viewers to an island off the mainland known as the honeymoon capital of Korea, Jeju Island, and its Olle Walking Path, a network of connecting paths 200 km long that takes trekkers through forests and mountains for views of its dramatic, volcanic landscape.

In line with the satirical tone of "Gangnam Style," the most-watched YouTube video of all time, Psy will also promote one of the busiest shopping destinations in the capital city, Myeong-dong, which attracts more than one million shoppers to the area every day.

Located in the heart of Seoul, what was once the center of city politics, economy and culture is today a pulsing retail district that sells the latest fashion and beauty trends.

Most shopkeepers -- accustomed to the influx of foreigners -- also speak a smattering of English.

And in another spot, the pop star will introduce viewers to a traditional dish of barbecued pork belly called samgyeopsal, usually eaten in a salad wrap with rice and hot bean paste.

It's the latest major collaboration for Psy, as he recently launched a global search inviting fans to apply for the chance to be his personal chef with Korean food brand Bibigo.

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