Sylvester Stallone surprises tourists at Rocky statue in Philadelphia

Sylvester Stallone. (

Sylvester Stallone. (

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Sylvester Stallone stunned tourists checking out his Rocky statue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania over the weekend by greeting them and posing for a photo.

The actor made the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art famous in the 1976 boxing film by running up the stairs as part of a pivotal training scene.

Stallone donated a life-size bronze statue of his fictional boxer, which was originally used as a prop in the 1982 sequel Rocky III, to city officials after the shoot wrapped and it was placed at the bottom of the museum steps.

The popular tourist attraction has continued to draw crowds and Peter Rowe and two pals were among the fans checking out the area on Saturday when they spotted a familiar face after running up the famous steps.

Rowe recalls, "He (Stallone) said to us, 'Man, you guys are fast. You're making me look bad!'"

The actor then posed for a 'selfie' with the three fans, who still cannot believe their luck.

Rowe continues, "What are the chances of meeting him, that celebrity, right there? (It was) an unreal experience."

Stallone is currently working on the next Rocky film, Creed, which is also being shot in Philadelphia.

In Creed Stallone will reprise his character, Rocky Balboa, as a trainer mentoring a rising boxer - the grandson of his former foe Apollo Creed.