Victoria Day trivia

, Last Updated: 10:14 AM ET

What's the deal with Victoria? We celebrate her birthday on May 24, or the first Monday before, but how much do you know about the regal figure? Take our Victoria Day trivia challenge to learn more!

1. Victoria was born in this palace in London, England in 1819.
A. Kensington Palace
B. Buckingham Palace
C. Westminster Palace
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2. The young Queen Victoria's primary advisor was her uncle, King Leopold of this country.
A. France
B. Netherlands
C. Belgium
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3. Queen Victoria married her cousin, Prince Albert, in 1840 at this London palace.
A. Lambeth Palace
B. St. James' Palace
C. Buckingham Palace
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4. The first of many assassination attempts against Victoria occurred in 1840 while she was riding in a carriage in this city.
A. London
B. Canterbury
C. Oxford
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5. in 1842, Victoria made her first journey by train, in a carriage made just for her, to Bishop's Bridge, near this London district.
A. Covent Garden
B. Paddington
C. East Bedfont
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6. Victoria fell in love with Ireland and vacationed here.
A. Dublin
B. Kerry
C. Cavan
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7. After Albert, the Prince Consort, died in 1861, Victoria retreated to her royal residences, including this Scottish castle. She wore black for the remainder of her life.
A. Balmoral Castle
B. Balvaird Castle
C. Wemyss Castle
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8. To celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, 60 oak trees were planted in the shape of a Victoria Cross here.
A. Chelsea
B. Henley-on-Thames
C. Isle of Wight
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9. Victoria died from a cerebral hemorrhage at age 81 here.
A. Windsor Castle
B. Isle of Wight
C. Cambridge
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10. The capital of this province was named after Victoria.
A. Nova Scotia
B. Prince Edward Island
C. British Columbia
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