Art agenda: 'The IVAM Collection,' 'Heaven, Earth and Man,' Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten, Autumn/Winter Collection 2006 (© Mathieu Ridelle)

Dries Van Noten, Autumn/Winter Collection 2006 (© Mathieu Ridelle)


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Valencia's Museum of Modern Art celebrates 25 years, Hong Kong's Museum of Art inaugurates its renovated Salisbury Garden, and the work of fashion designer Dries Van Noten visits Paris's Museum of Decorative Arts.

The IVAM Collection: XXV Anniversary
February 18 - May 4
Institut Valencia d'Art Modern

Spain's first museum of modern art may be a relatively youthful 25 years old, but its anniversary exhibition stretches back to the 1920s, covering three periods: pre-1945 (including Rodchenko, Renau, Lipchitz), the 50s to 90s (Serra, Soulages, Warhol, Pollock), and the present era (Iglesias, Muñoz, Baelitz, Muntadas).

Heaven, Earth and Man -- a Hong Kong Contermporary Art Version

Febraury 28 - August 30
Hong Kong Museum of Art

The museum's Salisbury Garden repoens after a period of renovation, as a square for arts and culture, with Danny Lee Chin-fai, Kum Chi-keung and Rosanna Li Wei-han providing large-scale sculptures that encourage dialogue among the building, its visitors, and passers-by.

Dries Van Noten

February 28 - August 31
Musée des Arts Décoratifs, The Louvre, Paris, France

A Belgian designer whose clothing has been worn by Cate Blanchett, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Nicole Kidman and the like. His costumes are presented alongside works by some of his inspirations: Francis Bacon, Damien Hirst, Elizabeth Peyton, Yves Klein and more.

Gauguin: Metamorphoses

March 8 - June 8
Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

It's the drawn art of Paul Gauguin that's on display here, with 120 paper-based works accompanied by 30 paintings and sculptures, illuminating the metamorphosis of some of the artist's key motifs.

The Forbidden City

From March 8
Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario, Canada

A cache of 250 rare objects lent by Beijing's Palace Museum appear here, its jewelry, paintings, furniture and textiles giving insight into the life of those who lived inside China's imperial Forbidden City.

Slavs and Tatars: Language Arts

March 17 - April 17
The Third Line Art Gallery, Dubai

As well as curating part of Art Dubai 2014 (which runs March 19-22), the Slavs and Tatars collective are themselves displaying works in a solo show at the Third Line gallery, not too far from the towering Madinat Jumeirah itself.