Art pick of the week: 'Monument Valley'

"Monument Valley": M.C. Escher by way of a pastel palette (All rights reserved - ustwo)


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Named after the enormous sandstone abyss in the American Southwest but styled after a pastel-hued recollection of M.C. Escher's illusionary works, "Monument Valley" arrives on iOS amid near universal praise.

The unassuming $3.99 iOS app was released April 3 and since then has risen up the daily App Store ranks to become one of the world's top paid downloads, with an Android version planned for later in the month.

"My hope for 'Monument Valley' is that it might contribute to the argument that the medium of entertainment we call video games is in fact art," wrote Australian designer Ken Wong in February, prior to the app's release.

As well as Escher, global creative outfit Ustwo cites diverse influences that range from "the Japanese art of flower arranging to typography posters, from architectural models to Brian Eno."

"What does it mean for video games to be described as art?" Wong continued.

"It means recognising games as a medium of expression, a medium through which we can deliver moving experiences and convey ideas to each another."

"It means games have cultural significance - that through them we can understand some small part of what it means to be a living, loving, dying, feeling, thinking being."

Is it time for a re-evaluation?

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