Art pick of the week: Maud Vantours (maud vantours 2014) (maud vantours 2014)


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Layer upon layer of paper sheets form vibrant 3D sculptures at the hands of French artist and designer Maud Vantours.

Having studied at the Duperré School of Applied Arts in Paris's fashionable Marais quarter, Vantours is now a set designer and shopfront consultant for luxury brands such as Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent, Guerlain and Lancôme.

Vantours launched a new online portfolio site mid-February and her latest high-profile works were for Tag Heuer, designing window displays for the Swiss watchmaker's Paris and New York stores.

But it's her unbranded collections that have been attracting the art bloggers' eye of late, spearheaded by early 2014 piece "Flora 2" and looking back to several of 2013's stratified works -- some of which have been turned into handbags, clutches and iPhone cases for French fashion boutiques Atomic Soda and Rad.

Her pieces had been bubbling up on Tumblr blogs in early April before being picked up by The Jealous Creator and Bell Jar Design mid-month.

But interest ballooned when This Is Colossal took note of an April 21 post on Dark Silence in Suburbia, superbly illustrating her colorful constructions.

Check out Vantours's set design, magazine commissions, interior design pieces and 3D paper work:

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