Tips for spring trips to cottages

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Don’t wait for summer to get away; spring is here and it’s an amazing time to escape to cottage country. Need a little more convincing? Here are a few reasons to go to the cottage this spring.

For nature lovers, the spring is the perfect time to escape and enjoy the freshness of all the new growth happening all around you. The smell of the earth as the trees blossom, the flowers pushing their way up from the ground and the growing greenery provides a wonderful visual as you enjoy your coffee on the deck with the cool crisp air.

Animal lovers should start packing their bags now to capture some great animal sightings. As the ground thaws and the wildlife emerges to gather food and explore the new flora and fauna, the animals young and old will be out frolicking in the longer days. Be on the lookout for all the baby animal sightings too. From birds and ducks, to deer and bears, the animal kingdom comes alive this time of year.

Spring also graces most of us with a 3-day weekend, if not a lovely 4-day holiday, so take a break with the whole family to celebrate and relax. Think about bringing the whole family to a cozy cottage and if you’re celebrating Easter, enjoy a wonderful turkey dinner, plan an Easter-egg hunt outside, and create some fantastic family memories.

The other thing you can do is take the family on a great spring hike to see the flowers blooming, and the fresh grass growing. There are wonderful trails all across the country that are slowly being revealed as the snow melts, and the adventurous are being beckoned outside by the nice weather. The trails may be a little muddy, so be sure to dress appropriately and pack an extra pair of socks!

If you own an all-season cottage and you are waiting until May to open for the season, why? It may be too early to turn on your water, as Mother Nature can be a unpredictable at best, but the warmer spring weather is the perfect time to do some outdoor repairs and fix ups without sweating in the summer heat. Rough it for a weekend or two and really get some spring-cleaning done so you can enjoy the rest of your cottage season.

The winter has been long and cold so getting away to enjoy the warmer air, and the fresh breeze is a great way to unwind, and lift your spirits. Being outside in the sun and fresh air has been proven to boost your mood, be good for your skin, and improve overall well being. The winter is over, so get outside and celebrate.

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