Top 5 places to go hiking in Canada

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Do you have a thirst for adventure? Do you strive to get the next best picture for your Instagram feed and other social media? Check out any of these five beautiful, truly picturesque places to hike across Canada and get your fill of adventure with a stunning backdrop. Meet you at the top!

Fundy Trail, New Brunswick

Less than an hour’s drive from Saint John, the famous Fundy Trail leads you to 16 km of breathtaking seaside trails and paths. The winding lanes are ideal for hikers and cyclists alike, and lead to less travelled paths and stairways that deliver sandy beaches, hidden waterfalls and cliffs that are not for the feint of heart. The trails provide a bird’s eye view the world’s highest tides and will provide a new vantage point for whale watching during a well-deserved rest stop.

Killarney Park, Ontario

Often referred to as the ‘crown jewel’ of Ontario’s park system, Killarney Park was made famous by Canada's Group of Seven, who immortalized the park's landscape in many oil painting. The park includes ten hiking trails with over 100 km of paths including the picturesque Granite Ridge Trail that gives stunning views of La Cloche Mountains, pristine Georgian Bay and windswept pines made famous by the painters of the Group of Seven. You might also want to explore the stunning white quartzite hills along the scenic Granite Ridge Trail or tackle Silver Peak, one of Ontario’s highest elevations.

Lake Louise Tea House Challenge, Alberta

Do you have the motivation for a six-hour adventure in the Canadian Rockies? Hike the 3.5 km uphill trail from Lake Louise through a thick forest of spruce and fir trees up to Lake Agnes. You will be rewarded with a warm tea and a delicious slice of pie upon your arrival at the Lake Agnes Teahouse. When you’re rested, continue your hike past the incredible glaciers and mountains that surround Lake Louise and make another stop at Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House and discover the history behind this mountaineer rest stop. The round trip is about 14.6 km but with refreshing rest stops along the way, you won’t notice the distance.

Kinney Lake Trail, BC

For breathtaking lakeside and mountain views, you need to head to Mount Robson Provincial Park. Towering at 3,954 metres is the beautiful snow-capped Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. This majestic summit will have hikers in awe of the scenery and natural vistas as they hike along the 4.5 km Kinney Lake Trail. Enjoy the sights and smells of the dense cedar and hemlock forest, and don’t be surprised to see some classic Canadian wildlife including moose, black bears and elk. This trail will take approximately 2.5 hours to hike to completion.

Twillingate, Newfoundland

The adventure on this beautiful North Atlantic Island will surprise even the most seasoned of hikers. Twillingate is home to several wonderful hiking trails, and offers something special for trailblazers of all abilities and fitness levels. From the rocky cliffs of Spiller’s Cove to the famous Long Point Lighthouse and the 360-degree panoramic view atop the Twillingate trail, these trails will leave you awestruck. In their beauty and natural habitat. Look for whales, bald eagles, and even icebergs as you explore this charming northeastern corner of Newfoundland.

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