Camping gets sweeter with new honeycomb stackable tents

B-and-Bee (B-and-Bee)

B-and-Bee (B-and-Bee)


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One of the downsides to music festivals is undoubtedly running the risk of waking up in a wet tent in the mud, but a new kind of tent has hit the scene.

"B-and-Bee" is a system of stackable sleeping cells which look like a honeycomb structure, designed with festival-goers in mind.

The system comprises up to six "sleeping cells", each with luggage storage, a locker, a light, and a power supply. There is also a king-size bed which can be converted into a sofa.

The Belgian-designed wooden structure can be set up quickly and has been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

B-and-Bee cells have just been tested at Gentse Feesten in Belgium, and the company will work on user feedback to hone the prototype over the summer.

Mass production is expected to start in autumn 2014.