Five of the best ski carriers

Snowboarding version of Skiweb, Boardweb (All Rights Reserved)

Snowboarding version of Skiweb, Boardweb (All Rights Reserved)


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The popularity of off-piste and backcountry skiing has created a need for lightweight ski carriers that not only make your skis portable but are highly portable themselves. Gone are the days of the plastic, lunch box-sized locking carriers of the 1980s and 1990s: this generation is efficient and the prices are a pleasant surprise.


The no-hassle Tote ski carrier is simple enough for a child to use to ease the trip from the car to the lift and offers off-pisters and backcountry trekkers all the portability they can imagine. Made of nylon, it folds up to fit in your pocket and its simplicity makes it easy to carry multiple sets of skis at the same time. $9.99.

On the car rack, in the pocket

The Seirus Relay Ski and pole carrier can be attached to a rooftop car rack, and folds into pocket size when not in use. Because it holds the skis and poles in place, this prevents them from being damaged during transport. $20.

Ski Bones doesn't discriminate

Ski Bones Cross Country and Ski Bones Big Bones do the same thing, but are specifically created for Nordic and downhill skis, respectively. In either case, it's a mold that keeps the skis in place to ease transport and storage, respecting the very different depth and width of downhill versus cross-country skis. $4.95.

It's about placement

Enabled with a D loop and easy fix, Skiweb folds up to pocket sized. Ideal for long treks, it allows for weight placement of the skis on the back, in a vertical position, easing maneuverability and offering hands-free carrying. A snowboard-carrying version is also available. £13.99 (approximately €17).

Pack it up in the backcountry

Those for whom the ultimate ergonomic carrying position is of the utmost importance will be happy to shell out for the 02 Ultralight Ski Carry System from Function Snow. It weighs just 85 grams and because it allows skis to be carried on the middle of the back, distributing the weight evenly, it's the top choice for those who hike. $39.99.