Salon Nautic boat show: the most outstanding models

The Runa VI (All rights reserved)

The Runa VI (All rights reserved)


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From Saturday, December 6, boat enthusiasts are heading to Paris for Salon Nautic, a week-long boat show. Between monohulls, catamarans, yachts and kayaks, over a thousand vessels are on display at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center. Here is a selection of some of the most remarkable models.

Runa IV and Runa VI
Built by a Danish architect during the first half of the 20th century, these two ships are among the most legendary in recent yachting history. Both belonged to former Louis Vuitton CEO and Chairman Yves Carcelle, who -- before his death this past summer -- fell in love with the ships and had them restored at the Guip shipyard in Brest, France.

A moon boat 
In a rare opportunity, Parisian boat fans can see an example of a traditional Bengali craft threatened with extinction. The curved shape of the so-called moon boat allows fishermen in the Bay of Bengali to pass the sand bar separating the shore from the open waters. At Nautic, a moon boat is displayed by the non-profit group Watever, which has launched an initiative to preserve this part of Bengali heritage.

Ultramarathon runner Serge Girard's rowboat 
The French endurance athlete is planning his next feat: a two-year journey around the planet fueled only by his own muscles. To cross the bodies of water along his path, he plans to row an ultra-lightweight and resistant boat prototype designed specifically for the purpose. Visitors at Nautic can check out the craft before it hits the open seas.

The CNB76
The latest model out of the Bordeaux shipyard (Construction Navale de Bordeaux or CNB), this sailboat is the largest on display at Nautic. Serially manufactured at first, the CNB76 is then customized with bespoke features and trim.

The Dufour 350
Unveiled in a world premiere at Nautic, this intimate 33-foot yacht (10 meters) offers the luxury of a spacious cabin.