Diving with 3D sharks: introducing the 'swimarium'

Swimarium by OVA (2014 OVA Studio Ltd)

Swimarium by OVA (2014 OVA Studio Ltd)


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A "Swimarium" could be the next big thing in luxury swimming pools.

Part swimming pool, part aquarium, the design allows swimmers to experience swimming in open water from the comfort of their pool.

Live footage of world famous diving spots is broadcasted into the pool via underwater cameras and LED screens serving as the walls and floor.

All images are shown in 3D, meaning that when swimmers wear their 3D goggles, they get the experience of diving with exotic creatures from sharks and dolphins to jacks and stingrays.

Hydrophones and speakers have also been incorporated into the design to diffuse sound throughout the pool.

Built across two storeys, the pool features a dry basement viewing platform for people who simply want to enjoy the footage.

Users would be able to choose which images they want to swim to, with possible locations including the Great Barrier Reef, the Bahamas and the Maldives.

Currently in the conceptual stages, the Swimarium is the brainchild of design studio OVA and was created for a feature for the South China Morning Post.

However, the studio is looking to develop the concept by adapting it for use in theme parks and public spaces as well as private residences.

"Instead of designing one more infinity-pool, we tried to explore uncharted waters involving technology and changing for ever the swimming experience," explained the studio.