Travellers pick the best hotels for breakfast, sleep and towel art

Casa Roma Luxury Apartment kitchenette (Casa Roma Luxury Apartment)

Casa Roma Luxury Apartment kitchenette (Casa Roma Luxury Apartment)


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From hotels that provide the best breakfast, pillow menu, and even towel origami, a new ranking of the world's top lodgings has been released to help travellers pick the property that best suits their needs.

On the global top ten list, travelers at gave Casa Roma Luxury Apartment in Rome top billing for its sumptuous décor, prime location and gracious host.

The list was compiled after combing through the 40 million reviews made in 2014.

With a 10 out of 10 score from its 70 reviews, the self-catering apartment was given the leading edge over its competition. The villa features two bedrooms (but sleeps five) and includes amenities such as free Wifi, a spa bath, flat-screen TV, full kitchen, air conditioning and hot tub.

Guests heaped effusive praise on the apartment, not just for being at once tastefully and elegantly decorated and homely, but also for its "first-class service" thanks to host 'Carla' who is described as warm, helpful, charming and generous.

"Casa Roma is a real gem," writes one guest.

Other top-ranked hotels on the list include the Hyades Mountain Resort Kato Trikala Korinthias in Greece and the Breitner House in Amsterdam, which round out the top three spots on the global list.

Overall, the UK and Italy tied with three properties apiece on the top 10 ranking.

In addition to global and regional winners, this year's awards also break down the top properties for everything from best towel origami (think crocodile, elephant and and dog towels) pillow menu, breakfast, and freebies.

Other categories include best farm stays, bed and breakfasts, best value, off the beaten path, and best for solo, young and mature couples.

1. Casa Roma Luxury Apartment, Rome, Italy
2. Hyades Mountain Resort, Kato Trikala Korinthias, Greece
3. Breitner House, Amsterdam, Netherlands
4. Mitchelcroft, Buckfastleigh, UK
5. Rosemount House & Stables Cottage, Ayr, UK
6. Appia Antica Resort, Rome, Italy
7. Casa Ferri, Matera, Italy
8. Woodlands Guesthouse, Lynton, UK
9. Riad Les Nuits de Marrakech, Marrakech, Morocco
10. Bacchus Apartman-Borbarlang Badacsonytomaj, Hungary

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