Singletons try to find love aboard Aussie flight

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An airline in Australia is launching an in-flight dating service on Valentine's Day that will try and make a love match out of seatmates.

According to trade publication Travel Weekly, the low-cost airline will be shuttling a group of 28 singles selected from Australian online dating site RSVP on their 'Lovejet' with the hope that love will be in the air during the flight between Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Throughout the day, participating singletons will engage in speed dates over a champagne breakfast, group activities and a three-course lunch at SkyPoint on the Gold Coast before flying home, adds The Daily Telegraph.

Jetstar is not the first airline to recognize the matchmaking opportunity flying affords when strangers are seated together for hours at a time, with nowhere to go.

Dutch airline KLM also offers a Meet and Seat program which allows passengers to choose their seatmates via Facebook and LinkedIn on all flights to and from Amsterdam.

In 2009, Air New Zealand likewise launched a service inviting 100 singletons to find love in the air. The flight from Los Angeles to Auckland included a themed cabin, party snacks, speed dating and ice-breaking games.