Jet Naked wants cheaper airfare for Canadian fliers

West Jet Boeing 747. (Wikimedia Commons)

West Jet Boeing 747. (Wikimedia Commons)


, Last Updated: 5:08 PM ET

Canadian airfare is about to get a whole lot cheaper...apparently.

That’s the goal of one major airline, at least.

Jet Naked, a Calgary based airline founded by the co-founder of West Jet, claims their airfare will be about 40 per cent lower than competing Canadian airlines, Huffington Post reports.

Passengers who elect to purchase a basic ticket package won’t be allowed to bring a carry-on bag, won’t be able to purchase luggage space, and won’t receive any food or drink for the duration of the trip.

For someone who travels once or twice a week, between Montreal and Toronto hypothetically, the package makes complete sense. In and out without having to worry about spending extra money for items they don’t need.

According to the Huffington Post, the idea behind the price cut is to persuade Canadian passengers to choose a Canadian airline for travel as opposed to going with an American or international airline.

At this time, executives were mum on where the planes would fly out of and where they would be flying to in the country, but they are putting the idea into action, hiring a private equity firm to help them raie up to $50 million in funding for the project.