Steal from hotels? You're not alone


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While most travellers leave their hotel room with a few complimentary souvenirs -- soaps, pens or maybe a notepad -- others succumb to the temptation to take home a little more. According to a survey carried out by, Colombia is the nation with the highest percentage of hotel room thieves: 57% of the Colombians surveyed admitted to taking something extra.

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In particular, Colombians are fond of packing up the magazines and books that may have been left in hotel rooms for their perusal. Mexicans, who came in second in this ranking (40%), enjoy taking the same items.

Third place went to Indians, 38% of whom said they had stolen from their hotel rooms, only slightly more than Spanish respondents (36%).

Among the Swedes (35%) who admitted to hotel pilfering, some have no qualms about filling their suitcases with towels and robes, while among Chinese respondents (34%) who take part in the practice, some go as far as taking small items of furniture such as lamps, clocks and decorative objects.

Towels were also the most commonly filched item among Americans, 34% of whom said they take a little something from their hotel room.

Carried out by, the study included a survey of 8,600 participants in 28 countries.