World's largest shopping mall in Dubai to house largest indoor theme park

An artist rendering of the Mall of the World, Dubai, slated to become the largest shopping center...

An artist rendering of the Mall of the World, Dubai, slated to become the largest shopping center in the world (Dubai Holding, Mall of the World)


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Dubai has announced plans to up the ante on itself, with plans to build the world's largest shopping mall -- again.

The specs are staggering: the Mall of the World will house the world's largest indoor theme park under a single dome; feature 100 hotel buildings; and require a tram to get from one end of the mall to the other.

In total, the sprawling complex could be described as a self-contained city within a city, with an annual capacity of 180 million visitors.

In addition to the 20,000 hotel rooms, plans include a colosseum-like event venue that can hold 15,000 spectators, theaters, medical centers and wellness clinics for cosmetic and spa treatments.

One of the marketing pitches?

"Tourists will be able to enjoy a week-long stay without the need to leave the City or use a car," says project developer Dubai Holding.

When the retail space of the Mall of the World is complete, it will steal the record currently held by local rival Dubai Mall, which is officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest shopping center in the world.

For perspective, when all 743,224 square meters (8 million square feet) of retail space are complete at the Mall of the World, it will outsize the Dubai Mall which spans 548,127 square meters (5.9 million square feet) and already houses an aquarium, Olympic-sized ice rink and 22 movie screen cineplexes.

The Mall of the World will also boast another world first, with a temperature-controlled city and the world's largest network of temperature controlled promenades.

During the summer months, the 7-km promenade will be covered, and during the winter months it will be opened.

Likewise, the glass dome covering the theme park will also be opened during the winter.

In total, the project area will span 4.46 million square meters (48 million square feet).

True to its name, plans for the complex are inspired -- and modeled after -- some of the most iconic and popular shopping destinations in the world.

Located along Sheikh Zayed Road, the Mall of the World aims to become a world class shopping destination that rivals Oxford Street in London and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

The dedicated theater district will be modeled after London's West End and New York's Broadway, while drawings for The Celebration Walk are inspired by the tree and shop-lined pedestrian promenade La Rambla in Barcelona.

No completion date has been announced.

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