Virgin Airlines' new uniforms classic and sexy

From L to R: Female flight attendants, female pilot's outfit, and male flight attendant....

From L to R: Female flight attendants, female pilot's outfit, and male flight attendant. (Courtesy Virgin Atlantic)

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Virgin Airlines is about to get a whole lot sexier.

On Wednesday, Virgin founder and CEO Richard Branson unveiled the newest uniforms Virgin Airlines flight attendants would be required to wear starting in September.

Designed in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood, one of Britain’s most acclaimed designers, the newest threads attendants will be sporting are nothing short of classy and nostalgic.

“I first worked with Vivienne Westwood many years ago when we [Virgin Records] had the Sex Pistols. She was the girlfriend of Malcolm McLaren and designed the Sex Pistols’ clothes as well as the punk clothes of that era. Her clothes were outrageous then and have been wonderfully outrageous ever since,” Branson told Yahoo news.

The men will be decked out in burgundy suits, with the classic red tie tucked in at all times. According to Westwood, efficiency was just as important as aesthetic when it came to the design process. The outfits worn will not only look good, but will last the attendants much longer than the uniforms worn now.

It should be noted that men will also be sporting a three piece suit, with a vest and white dress shirt underneath the burgundy blazer. Not too shabby at all, Westwood.

While their outfits may be impressive, the ones designed for Virgin Airline’s female flight attendants are just stunning.

Red pencil skirts, partnered with either a burgundy or white shirt, and topped off with a mid length flowing jacket makes these future fashion items play out like a blast from the past.

The entire ensemble recaptures an essence of the 1950’s previously lost with the current uniform, which is what Branson said he was hoping Westwood would be able to bring to the table.

Attendants will also be provided with cherry red hour glass heels and a unique colour of Illamasqua lipstick designed specifically for them. The name of the lipstick, by the way, is Virgin.