The art of cooking from 'father' to son at the Rijksmuseum

Executive chef of the Rijks restaurant Joris Bijdendijk (Erik Smits)

Executive chef of the Rijks restaurant Joris Bijdendijk (Erik Smits)


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The National Museum in Amsterdam, which at the moment is home to a retrospective of Rembrandt's works, will offer visitors an unparalleled gastronomical experience on Sunday, April 26 in the form of a dinner concocted by the Rijks' chefs and their spiritual fathers in the kitchen.

For several weeks now, Europeans have come from far and wide so as to not miss out on the Rijksmuseum's exhibit dedicated to the master of Dutch painting. On April 26, however, they will come not just for baroque art, but also to feast on a very special meal prepared by the museum's restaurant, Rijks, a vaunted address for gastronomes where Joris Bijdendijk is executive chef.

The restaurant's three chefs and sous-chefs will welcome special guests, the men responsible for their tutelage, to join them in the kitchen for the night. Joris will thus take his place behind the burners alongside French chef Jacques Pourcel of the Michelin starred Jardin des Sens in Montpellier, while Wim de Beer will welcome chef Erik Van Loo of Park Hill in Rotterdam and Jos Timmer will cook with chef Chris Naylor of Vermeer in Amsterdam.

The six of them will pool their skills to prepare what promises to be an elaborate dinner and a memorable night, so patience is in order! Expect to pay 76.50 euros for the meal. Since only 120 seats are available, reservations must be made in advance at