Passenger gets in mid-air scuffle over alcohol


, Last Updated: 2:26 PM ET

MIAMI - A New Jersey woman was in custody in Florida on Wednesday after flying into a "kicking and screaming" rage and attacking crew members who refused to serve her alcohol aboard a US Airways flight, authorities said.

Peggy Albedhady-Sanchez, 50, of Union City, New Jersey, had to be restrained and placed in plastic hand ties after the disturbance on US Air flight 1697 shortly before it was due to land in Ft. Myers, Florida, on Tuesday evening, police said.

Her arrest came on the same day that a JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas was diverted to Texas due to a medical emergency involving the flight's captain, whose erratic behavior created chaos aboard the flight and alarmed passengers.

Albedhady-Sanchez was still being held by the Lee County Sheriff's Office in Florida on Wednesday morning after she was booked on four charges, including battery and interfering with aircraft operations, police said. Her trial has been set for April 17.

A report released by the Lee County Port Authority Police Department said an off-duty law enforcement officer subdued the "combative" Albedhady-Sanchez in the galley area at the back of the plane after she assaulted three crew members.

She kicked one flight attendant in groin and broke an armrest on the aircraft with another kick, the report said.

The ruckus began, according to sworn written statements from the affected crew members, after "Peggy had grabbed one flight attendant, Cynthia Pugh-Knuth, by the right wrist and was cursing , spitting, kicking and screaming after being refused alcoholic beverages."