New app provides free roaming charges for travellers

The i-Mobb app gives users free roaming services when abroad. (Android/screenshot)

The i-Mobb app gives users free roaming services when abroad. (Android/screenshot)


, Last Updated: 2:34 PM ET

Globetrotters who've had the misfortune of being hit with sky-high phone bills after forgetting to turn off their data roaming may want to learn more about a new app that allows users to make phone calls as though they were at home.

Called i-Mobb, the new app provides free roaming in foreign countries among smartphone, tablet and iPod Touch users by assigning members a domestic phone number in the country they're visiting.

The app also allows users to place unlimited calls back to their home country.

Once the user has selected their home country and their travel destination, i-Mobb sends back an email with a new local number, access to a local voicemail inbox and download instructions.

To begin the process, users are to enable call forwarding to their newly assigned number. The service requires a wifi connection.

The developers, meanwhile, claim their app differs from other plans which require long-term commitments: i-Mobb offers plans as short as one week and as long as one month, ideal for travelers.

Users in the US pay $10 USD for a week, and $25 for a month.

The service is available in eight countries: USA, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Canada, Japan, and the Netherlands.

Similar programs include RoamAside which also routes calls over a wifi or 3G network to save airtime minutes. While there's no connection fee, calls are charged at a per-minute rate and there are no PINS or access numbers.

Skype WiFi is another popular app for placing cheap calls from abroad.

i-Mobb is available in both iTunes and Google Play.