Delta and JetBlue say no to in-flight calls




, Last Updated: 9:35 AM ET

Delta Air Lines and JetBlue have come out to say that regardless of the pending decision on the use of in-flight calls, their planes will remain voice call-free.

While the US Federal Communications Commission reconsiders the ban on in-flight calls, Delta released a statement saying that the carrier will not allow cellphone calls or web-enabled calls from services like Skype on board their planes.

It's a decision they say comes from their own customer research, in which respondents said that voice calls would detract from -- not enhance -- their experience.

The FCC voted this week to consider lifting the ban and allowing individual airlines to create their own policies on in-flight calls. The commission has also opened the debate up to the public who are invited to add their own comments.

Indeed, airplanes have become one of the last remaining bastions -- and dare it be said, sanctuaries -- where voice or web-based calls can't be made.

Likewise, JetBlue has also said they will continue to ban in-flight calls, based on customer feedback.