Beware Westjet, United Airlines giveaway scams

A WestJet plane. (MARCEL CRETAIN/QMI Agency)

A WestJet plane. (MARCEL CRETAIN/QMI Agency)

QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 11:49 AM ET

You won't get free plane tickets or video game consoles by following or liking WestJet, United Airlines or Air Canada on social media.

These apparent giveaways popping up on Facebook, Twitter Instagram are scams by companies that plan to sell followers to the highest bidder. And the real airlines are spreading the word about the hoaxes being carried out in their names.

WestJet notified its Twitter followers Tuesday to beware of the hoax Instagram account @westjetfly, which promises two round-trip tickets to anywhere in Canada or the U.S. to its first 50,000 followers -- an expensive giveaway no airline could reasonably afford.



There are similar Instagram hoaxes for United Airlines under the fake account @unitedairlinesofficial and Air Canada under the hoax account @fly_with_air_canada.

These accounts offer bonus incentives to gain followers, then sell the account to a company looking to boost its follower count. Similar scams can be found on Facebook and Twitter.