Chinese and Brazilian tourists crave personalized hotel services

Tourists from emerging markets are the most likely to expect their hotel experience to come with...

Tourists from emerging markets are the most likely to expect their hotel experience to come with personalized services, according to a survey conducted by IHG. (


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Tourists from around the world seem to be increasingly demanding when it comes to what they expect from their hotel, and many are looking for their experience to come with personalized treatment. And according to an international survey carried out by Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG), tourists from emerging countries are among the most exacting.

In a survey of 7,000 travelers from around the world, IHG found that in addition to demanding the high quality amenities typically offered by a global hotel chain, guests also expect their hotel to be relevant in terms of local lifestyles and customs. Furthermore, the survey revealed that a majority of guests expect hotels to provide personalized services tailored to their individual preferences.

Overall, 59 percent of travelers surveyed say that their stay will be "significantly more comfortable" if personalized services are offered, while more than one out of two people (54%) say that such services make them feel more respected.

Expectations vary by age group. While the 18-34 set would like to be offered personalized content during their stay (movies and music, for example), traveling seniors (aged 65 and up) expressed a desire for healthier food and drink options.

The survey indicated that travelers from emerging markets have a stronger desire for personalized services than travelers from more developed nations. Over 60 percent of Chinese (64%) and Brazilian (62%) travelers expect a hotel to customize their experience according to their personal needs, compared to just 43 percent of Americans and 42 percent of Britons surveyed.

For travelers from emerging markets, which IHG refers to as the "new global explorers," this form of personal attention is seen as a sign of respect. "Sixty-two percent of Chinese travelers, 54 percent of Brazilian travelers and 46 percent of Emirati travelers agree that personalization makes them feel respected compared to 39 percent of travelers from all countries surveyed," states IHG's report.

Finally, the survey also revealed some preferences according to nationality. British travelers are fond of surprises, Americans would like to be able to choose their check-in and check-out times, while the Chinese are keen on interactive applications for finding local points of interest. Russians, meanwhile, expressed a desire for tourist guides in their language.