Ryanair added to Google's flight comparison tool




, Last Updated: 11:42 AM ET

For the first time since it was introduced in 2011, the Google Flights tool now shows options from Ryanair, Europe's most popular low-cost airline.

When searching for the lowest fares through Google Flights, users will now see available options from Ryanair and can even click on a button next to the flight that interests them to be taken directly to Ryanair's reservation page.

Flights on the Irish low-cost carrier are displayed alongside those on more traditional airlines such as Air France, British Airways and Delta. Ryanair's arch rival EasyJet is also listed in Google Flights, but the click-to-book feature is not yet available.

Online in the US and Canada since 2011, Google's flight comparison tool was launched simultaneously in France, the UK, Italy, Spain and Holland less than one year ago.

The Flights tool is available in eight languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Basque, Catalan, Galician and Dutch) and lists fares in the user's local currency. The service allows users to find which airport offers the lowest fares in a given destination country, or to determine which dates to travel on to find the cheapest flights. Users can sort and filter the results of any search by airline, flight duration or price.

Ryanair is Europe's leading low-cost airline according to annual number of passengers, as the airline carries nearly 80 million passengers each year. This March, the airline will launch its first flights to Russia.

Google Flights: www.google.com/flights