Megabus to launch reserved seating service in Canada and US

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, Last Updated: 10:16 AM ET

The 'easyJet of bus companies,' Megabus, is taking cues from the no-frills airline industry by introducing a reserved seating program in select North American cities.

It's a move meant to take the stress out of bus travel by guaranteeing riders can avoid long line-ups, sit with travel companions and, for those, who suffer from motion sickness, for instance, get a seat up front.

Megabus vehicles are double-decker buses and provide city-to-city transportation within North America.

Of the 10 reserved seating options, four are located in the upper deck at the front, providing panoramic views; two are behind the stairs and include a small table; and the final quartet, ideal for a family of four, is located on the lower deck and also comes with a large table.

Megabus could be described as the low-budget version of bus travel, with fares advertised for as little as $1.

Greyhound also offers reserved seating when travelers upgrade to Greyhound Express routes.

Meanwhile, after testing out open seating policies, both easyJet and Ryanair reverted back to the traditional allocated seating scheme recently, in response to customer complaints.

Reserved seating on Megabus will be available on routes from New York City to Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia and Philadelphia to Washington DC for a fee.

In Canada, the service will be launched in the next few weeks on the Toronto-Kingston-Montreal route.