How much World Cup attendees are expected to spend while in Brazil

Rio De Janeiro and Christ the Redeemer (Mark Schwettmann/shutterstock.Com)

Rio De Janeiro and Christ the Redeemer (Mark Schwettmann/shutterstock.Com)


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World Cup visitors to Brazil are expected to watch an average of four matches and spend $2,500 USD during their stay.

Between June 12 and July 13, the country will receive 300,000 foreign tourists specifically for the games, who will shell out about R$5,500 ($2,500 USD) per person, not including airfare, according to new numbers released from Brazil's Ministry of Tourism.

Visitors to Brazil for the tournament are expected to be the biggest spenders.

In total, Brazilian and international visitors traveling the country for World Cup-related events will number 1.9 million people and splash out the equivalent of $1.8 billion USD in direct spending over the month-long period.

Another 1.8 million tourists will also be in the country at the same time but will not be traveling.

The tournament is being held in 12 cities across the country.

The tourism agency is hoping to make a good impression on visitors in advance of the Rio summer games in 2016.

Seventy percent of foreigners interviewed during the Confederations Cup last year -- an event that was seen as a dress rehearsal for the World Cup -- said they intended to return to the country in 2014.