Canadians won't be turning on electronic devices during flights: Survey



QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 1:08 PM ET

A new survey has found that 64% of Canadians won't be switching on their electronic devices in-flight, despite new regulations from Transport Canada that will soon allow passengers to use cell phones, tablets and more during all phases of flight.

In the poll from, the majority of Canadians surveyed said the new rules won't affect their in-flight habits. Of the 36% who are looking forward to using devices in-flight, men were more likely to turn on (40%) than women (34%).

Travellers who do plan to use devices in-flight said they would do so primarily for entertainment. Fourteen per cent said they would enjoy watching TV shows or a movie during a flight, while 12% wanted to play games. Ten per cent of Canadians surveyed said they would use the time to work.

Expedia surveyed at least 1,000 people for each question using Google Consumer Surveys.