Future of flight: What air travel will look like in 10 years




, Last Updated: 6:10 PM ET

In-flight chats with holographic projections of your spouse or child, and airplane seats that conform to your body size and come with personalized climate control are among some of the predictions made in a future-gazing report about air travel in 2024.

After consulting 56 experts and futurologists and looking at current and emerging trends, Skyscanner released the latest installment of its "Future of Travel 2024" report, painting a portrait of what the in-flight experience may look like in 10 years.

The report predicts that flyers will be able to hold 3D Skype conversations with holograms of their loved ones during their flights as well as holographic airport staff throughout their journey.

For added privacy, experts predict that the next-generation airplane seat will come embedded with "sonic disruptors" to prevent others from hearing passengers' conversation.

Airlines will no longer follow the one-size-fits-all model but also install seats that mould to people's body shape with the aid of memory-style foam, for instance.

Individual seats will come with built-in climate control, and smart cabin lighting will be used to eliminate the effects of jet lag.

Likewise, cabins as we know them may also become an antiquated relic of the past, the report predicts. Instead planes be divided into zones that offer different travel preferences, be it a bar-like area for mingling with other passengers, a space for eating or one for sleeping.

One airline that already has an in-flight bar? Virgin Atlantic, which installed a Swarovski-studded bar on the upper class suite.

For the full report, visit http://bit.ly/1sUwYCR.