Porn company offers Air Canada pilots free membership

(JOEL LEMAY/QMI Agency Files)

(JOEL LEMAY/QMI Agency Files)

QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 4:17 PM ET

A porn company has offered Air Canada pilots free porn for however long they're employed by the airline.

Recently, the CBC reported Air Canada pilots have been told to stop taking porn with them into the cockpits. A memo was sent to staff last year warning of possible criminal charges or being fired for bringing inappropriate material to work.

In a letter from the website Brazzers, the company offers pilots free porn.

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"On behalf of everyone who has joined the mile-high club on one of your aircrafts, thank you," the letter reads.

While "flight safety should be your No. 1 concern," the company said it was disappointed the pilots hadn't turned to them for a "helping hand" in getting their porn.

The note says so long as the pilot can prove they work for Air Canada, they can get free porn for the duration of their employment with the company.

"We'll take care of the cock, you take care of the pit," Brazzers said in the note.

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