Fight at Dallas Airport as crowd takes down man hurling homophobic slurs



QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 3:09 PM ET

A fight broke out at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport last week after a man began hurling homophobic slurs at another passenger in the airport's terminal.

The incident was caught on video and posted to YouTube by Andrew Kennedy, who wrote in the video's description that it shows "an extremely troubled unnamed man gets upset, starts a fight and then gets taken down hard."

In the video, the attacker can be seen slapping and shouting slurs at a man in a pink shirt, before other passengers and the airport police step in to take him down.

“Yes, it did happen, and yes, there was an arrest," airport spokesperson Cynthia Vega told the Dallas Morning News. The name of the attacker has yet to be released.

WARNING: Video contains offensive language. Viewer discretion advised.