Watch: JetBlue turns baggage belt into game and gives flyers big send-off

JetBlue's cheering squad at JFK airport (YouTube/

JetBlue's cheering squad at JFK airport (YouTube/


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Last week, Dutch airline KLM brought passengers to tears after enlisting family and friends to write heartfelt messages for flyers. This week, it's JetBlue's turn to be sentimental with another holiday publicity stunt that turned a baggage carousel into a revolving board game and added a cheering squad at the airport.

On the day before Thanksgiving this week, the low-budget US carrier aimed to lessen the stress of flying out on one of the busiest days of the year at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York by making a game of picking up bags and adding prize panels to the luggage belt.

Suitcases that landed on winning panels from the chute won their owners everything from gloves to a free round-trip flight.

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And over at departures, flyers like 'Jim' and the Fitzpatrick and MacArthur families were given an enthusiastic send-off by an early morning cheering squad.

Last week, KLM kickstarted the holiday season of sentimental, airline publicity stunts by posting personal send-off messages from loved ones on flyers' seats before taking off.

But the all-time favorite tear-jerker has to go to Canadian low-budget carrier WestJet, which last year made the Christmas wishes of a plane full of unsuspecting flyers come true.