Scorpion stings St. John's man on plane



QMI Agency

, Last Updated: 2:12 PM ET

A St. John's man says he thought he was going to die after a scorpion stung him three times on a flight from Colombia to Mexico.

Adam Young and Brendan Dawson were both resting on a flight from Bogota to Mexico City on Friday night when Young says the scorpion crawled under his shirt and stung him repeatedly.

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"I jumped out of my chair in a huge commotion and it fell out of my shirt on to the chair," Young wrote on Facebook Saturday.

The pair notified the flight attendants, who found the scorpion under Young's seat cushion, Dawson wrote.

A doctor on board tended to Young and the plane returned to Bogota 20 minutes later.

"At this point, the venom was setting into my veins and the pain excruciating," he wrote.

"This burning sensation was coming over me, and even though I remained calm on the outside I was dying on the inside.

"Pain, nausea, chest pains, hallucinating and thinking that I was gonna die made it hell."

Young said once he was off the plane, he was injected with anti-venom and taken via ambulance to hospital. Despite the ordeal, the pair made it to Mexico.

This is the second time in recent weeks a scorpion has stung a passenger on a plane. Last month, a woman was stung on the hand just before her flight took off from Los Angeles to Portland. The plane had come from Los Cabos, Mexico.