Google brings its Street View into the heart of the Amazon


, Last Updated: 3:24 PM ET

With the help of a zip-line and of its wearable 360° camera system, the Trekker, Google managed to capture several spectacular views from the South American rainforest. Through Street View, internet users can now glide along the trees, float down the river and even visit remote villages.

The use of a zip-line allows users to glide between the canopy layer and the forest floor, all while being able to look up, down and around on all sides. It is also possible to take a virtual cruise down the Amazon's major waterways, including the Mariepaua and Aripuana rivers. Finally, Google Street View also invites users to visit around a dozen remote villages in the rainforest, where communities often struggle to maintain their traditional existence in the face of modern pressures and environmental threats.

The operation was carried out in partnership with the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS), a non-profit working to increase awareness of the need to protect the Amazon, its ecosystem and its inhabitants.

The Amazon rainforest is not the first wonder of the world to come to Google Street View. Users of the service can also take a virtual hike through the Himalayas in Bhutan and Nepal, see the pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt, tour the vineyards of France's Bordeaux region, visit the world's most famous zoos or even explore the depths of the ocean.

Take a virtual trip through the Amazon with Google Street
Watch a video on the zip-line used to record the images: