Conan O'Brien takes talk show to Cuba for cigars, rum and rumba

"Conan In Cuba" (2015 YouTube, LLC)


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Comedian Conan O'Brien took US viewers to Cuba on Wednesday, in a special episode that explored the streets of Havana and gave the celebrity bragging rights to becoming the first US talk show host to broadcast from the country in more than 50 years.

Following America's historic move to normalize relations and lift a trade embargo with Cuba, the Caribbean destination that for 50 years had been widely off limits for US travellers is bracing itself for a major tourism boost.

To mark the historic event, O'Brien took it upon himself to serve as an unofficial ambassador and tour guide, visiting a Cuban cigar factory, rum museum, learning Spanish and talking rumba classes for the benefit of his American audience.

"This is a very historic time," O'Brien said on the show. "Relations between Cuba and the United States are finally starting to thaw. I thought this was an amazing opportunity for me to come to Cuba, talk to the people and get to know them."

O'Brien is the latest celebrity to visit the country.

Just last week, socialite Paris Hilton dined with British supermodel Naomi Campbell at the closing gala of the International Habano Cigar Festival in a public relations stunt aimed at promoting the island.

The duo dined with the son of Fidel Castro, Fidel Castro Díaz-Balart.

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