Job search for pair to hike, canoe across Canada in 5 months

(Woods Canada/YouTube)

(Woods Canada/YouTube)

Ted Rath, QMI Agency

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Wanted for hire: Pair to hike, canoe and ride horseback across 24,000 km of trails and rivers from the West Coast to the East Coast over the course of five months.

Woods Canada is offering the job to promote its outdoor gear and to encourage Canadians to explore the Trans Canada Trail system, a partner in the job contest.

While it might not sound like much fun to many, it's a dream job for outdoor enthusiasts who will likely be lining up for the chance to get paid for their hobby.

"We don't have a target number of applicants in mind ... but we know there are a lot of people out there who love the outdoors lifestyle," said James Prescott, associate vice-president of Woods Canada. "People with a great sense of adventure."

Candidates can apply by video in pairs or as individuals to be paired up later. They will have to meet a strict set of criteria. Not only will they have to be skilled adventurers, able to handle themselves in the woods alone for weeks at a time, they'll also have to be skilled videographers and communicators because they'll be expected to document their journey on social media as they go.

"They're going to need to be outgoing and personable to capture the spirit of it," Prescott said.

The trip will start in May and end in September. It will include some driving and flying when necessary to cover the country in five months.

Those who land the job will be paid $20,000, with a $2,000 bonus when they reach the end.