Taiwan's National Palace Museum shows top 2014 exhibition list

The National Palace Museum in Taipei (AFP PHOTO/Sam YEH)

The National Palace Museum in Taipei (AFP PHOTO/Sam YEH)


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The Taipei visitor attraction hosted 2014's top three best-attended exhibitions.

A retrospective of Tang Yin's Ming dynasty painting and calligraphy, a collaboration with Beijing's Palace Museum for a show about Emperor Gaozong, and a collection of contemporary art inspired by his image were responsible for the achievement.

Half of the Taipei museum's visitors came from mainland China, with a further third identified as locals, according to a global survey conducted by The Art Newspaper.

In South and Central America, it was Yayoi Kusama's touring installation of polka dots and mirrors that was the biggest hit.

Free admittance to exhibits in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia came after the tour opened in Buenos Aires the previous year, with a final stop-off in Mexico City this January.

Though "Infinite Obsession" wasn't the best-attended exhibit at the halls of the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in Rio -- Salvador Dali and Milton Machado shows proved bigger pulls -- cumulatively, it surpassed 2 million visitors across the region.