Atlanta still world's busiest airport

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(Marc C. Johnson /


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Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport, which has been ranked the busiest for several years, still welcomes the most travellers. According to the Capa Center for Aviation & Innovata's rankings, this position is under threat from Beijing.

According to this ranking based on the number of available seat kilometers (ASK) a week, the unit of measure of a transport network's capacity, Atlanta airport was in the lead last year (1.927 million ASK) ahead of Beijing (1.918 million).

According to the center's analysts, in 2013, the American location will lose its title of busiest airport to the Chinese capital.

Tokyo Haneda comes in third with a total of 1.813 million ASK while Londron Heathrow is the busiest European airport in terms of travellers (1.668 million).

Paris-Charles de Gaulle  is 11th (1.374 million), a few places ahead of Frankfurt (1.173 million, 14th) and New York JFK (1.166 million, 15th).

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