Tips for travelling solo




, Last Updated: 11:51 AM ET

According to an American Express survey, solo travel is on the rise this year, as 12% of travellers are planning to head out on their own compared to 7% last year.

Travelling alone requires advanced planning, but there's no way to anticipate on-the-road incidents, big or small.

Planning in advance can make a huge difference and is especially important for solo travellers. Working with a travel agent can ensure all arrangements have been properly vetted before anything is booked, plus you have a resource back home who can sort our any last minute problems.

ProtectMyID has several tips for travellers to keep them a bit safer.

- Keep a record. If your wallet and everything in it were suddenly missing, you'd need to know what you had lost. In a personal notebook write down all the information from the front and back of your credit and debit cards, driver's license, medical insurance and other important cards.

- Limit your cards. What you don't carry in your wallet is just as important as what you do carry. Only carry what you need on a daily basis. If you have multiple credit cards, only carry the ones you use most often

- Protect your SSN. Your Social Security number shouldn't be on anything you regularly carry in your wallet.