The top 10 most romantic restaurants for Valentine's Day: Zagat

La Tour d'Argent, Paris (AFP PHOTO PASCAL PAVANI)

La Tour d'Argent, Paris (AFP PHOTO PASCAL PAVANI)


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One of the oldest and most historic restaurants in Paris which boasts an illustrious reputation of feeding emperors, French royalty and celebrities has been named the most romantic dining destination in the world in an informal Zagat survey.

After polling their readers on Twitter, editors of the crowd-sourced restaurant guide came up with a list of the top 10 most romantic restaurants in the world in advance of Valentine's Day.

At the top of the heap? La Tour d'Argent, a 16th-century Parisian landmark located along the Seine which provides sweeping views of the Notre-Dame cathedral and boasts a string of historic milestones: It was here that the fork made its first appearance in France. The building has also welcomed emperors, French royalty and celebrities including Grace Kelly, Clark Gable, Coco Chanel and Tom Cruise.

For couples seeking the complete experience, order the restaurant's signature dish, a recipe that dates back to the 1890s and, though it may sound less than romantic -- the crushing of bones is involved -- is presented with a theatrical and elegant flourish.

Prepared tableside, the carcass of a duck is squeezed through a machine until every last drop of juice is extracted. To the sauce, the "canardier" or duck carver adds a dash of Cognac, lemon and Madeira.

Be prepared to dish out a pretty euro though, as their signature "Tour d'Argent duckling" costs €140 ($190 USD).

In 2003, the restaurant -- which was also the inspiration behind Pixar's animated film Ratatouille -- served its millionth duckling.

Here's Zagat's Valentine's Day 'bucket list,' chosen for their food, ambiance and "romance factor": 

1. La Tour d'Argent, Paris
2. One if by Land, Two if by Sea, New York City
3. The French Laundry, Yountville, California
4. Le Chantecler, Nice, France
5. Carmen Aben Humeya, Granada, Spain
6. Manresa, Los Gatos, California
7. Faviken, Jarpen, Sweden
8. Per Se, New York
9. Next, Chicago
10. Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark