Airlines most likely to respond to you on Twitter

(American Airlines/Twitter)

(American Airlines/Twitter)


, Last Updated: 11:34 AM ET

If you're flying American Airlines and have a question or complaint, try taking your query over to Twitter as a newly released index ranked the world's largest carrier the most responsive airline.

According to the number crunchers at travel intelligence site Skift, American Airlines is the top-performing carrier on the micro-blogging site with an average response rate of 12 minutes.

American Airlines' social media management team also responds to 100% of tweets. The carrier has about 758,000 Twitter followers.

The top-performing airlines in the list are predominantly from North America.

Here are the most efficient and responsive airlines on Twitter:

1. American Airlines
Response time: 12 minutes
Twitter following: 758,000

2. JetBlue Airways
Response time: 15 minutes
Twitter followers: 1.8 million

3. IndiGo
Response time: 16 minutes
Following: 5,239 followers

4. US Airways
Response time: 38 minutes
Followers: 397,000

5. Air Canada
Response time: 42 minutes
Followers: 173,000

6. Philippine Airlines
Response time: 44 minutes
Followers: 572,000

7. PT Garuda Indonesia
Response time: 45 minutes
Following: 372,000

8. Southwest Airlines
Response time: 50 minutes
Followers: 1.62 million