10 crazy flight experiences

What's the craziest thing that happened to you while flying? (Shutterstock)

What's the craziest thing that happened to you while flying? (Shutterstock)

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They say if you do anything long enough, everything will happen. There's no better way to test that theory than to ask a frequent traveller to recall the craziest thing they've witnessed on a flight. The editors of travel website VirtualTourist.com posed the question: "What's the craziest thing you've ever seen on a flight?" to their members; the answers ranged from the ridiculous to the absolutely hysterical.

1. "A Scottish couple on a flight from Glasgow to Newark had a screaming fight halfway over the Atlantic. They were both handcuffed and separated. Great entertainment." -- J. Dillon

2. "On a British Airways flight from Tampa to Gatwick, a man died during the night. There was a lot of running around by the staff and there was no doctor or nurse onboard to give an injection. At Gatwick, we were delayed over an hour as they declared the man dead and removed the body." -- S.H. Bressen

3. "...just being in the air itself is craziest thing." -- A.M. Kanjoo

4. "Sat on the aisle in first class. There was a white curtain across the seat next to me and the one ahead. I'm assuming it was a body behind. I just don't know dead or alive. In any case, got really poor service." -- R. Rarick

5. "Shared my flight with six burly men in full drag and one dressed as the bride (in miniskirt). It was a UK stag party off for a 'do' abroad. They were very well-behaved and immigration officials didn't bat an eyelid (though I'm sure their passport photos didn't show them in makeup!)" -- M. Smith

6. "Cherry tomato, including seeds, squirted over the jacket lapel of passenger asleep next to me ... couldn't wake him up to wipe it off, of course, so had to wait until he woke so I could apologize and give him a tissue..." -- A. Parlane

7. "Sat next to a woman who had two small dogs in a mesh carrier. They (the dogs) had on tiny T-shirts. She sang Led Zeppelin songs to them during almost the entire flight. She also used a Sharpie to doodle on a bunch of bananas." -- K. Walker

8. "During my latest flight to Morocco in June crazy to see a bunch of about 10 girls wearing devils' horns on their heads..." -- A. Parlane

9. "An old man who was wheeled in ... flicked open his lighter to read the time on his wristwatch. I called the flight attendant to alert them. Sadly, she did nothing." -- I. Lee

10. "Everything was on time with zero issues from home to hotel!" -- K. Fengler

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