SUN readers' crazy flight experiences

What's the craziest thing that has happened to you while flying? (Shutterstock)

What's the craziest thing that has happened to you while flying? (Shutterstock)

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A recent article from on the craziest passenger flight experiences certainly stirred some conversation amongst online Sun Media readers. Our users from across the country weighed in with their own crazy flight experiences. Here are the top 10...

1. "Toronto to Fort Mac in July, passenger in front of me reclined his seat all the way back for the entire flight. Had to be told twice at meal time to move ahead so that I could access my meal tray. But what ruined my trip was having the video monitor not six inches from my face for the whole trip, and being unable to even cross my legs. Flight attendant felt bad, but said he was within his 'rights'."

- Beverley Bell

2. "On an old Canadian Pacific DC-10 out of Calgary back in the 80's. Completely empty aircraft except for myself, six RCMP officers, and Clifford Olson. He was in the back of the aircraft and they stuck me five rows in front of him. CP in those days was offering free booze to all on board regardless of what class you were in. If ever I needed a drink it was then but I was refused because it was before 11 in the morning. They would not even let me change seats. I was a lot younger then and CP is out of business."

- Anderson Davies

3. "On my first WestJet flight from Ottawa to Calgary, years ago, the pilot announced that one of the male flight attendants had danced with Riverdance, and if we behaved ourselves and played the games the other attendants proposed as entertainment, he would dance for us. Wouldn't you know it, 45 minutes before landing in Calgary, the captain came back on the intercom, congratulated us on our sporting behaviour and introduced the dancing flight attendant. Wow, he did a complete Riverdance up and down the aisle of the plane. I didn't know the floor could shake that much. Although none of my other WestJet flights featured dancers, they're still the only company that greets me (correct pronunciation) by my first name. It's a riot."

- MyOpion

4. "Flying into Dominican we are told one wing flap won't close so we will be having a "hot" landing, trust me when I say the refreshments were aplenty when we landed, same Captain took us home a week later...right through an electrical storm, needed another vacation after."

- c1ndy

5. "A woman with long hair in front of me kept throwing it up in the air and scratching her scalp...she would then make a pony tail, sit for a minute, take it apart and repeat the whole thing in a cloud of dandruff....later I was eating pasta when she threw all of her hair over the back of her seat and I was picking hair out of my food...the lady across was horrified... what did I do? I pick up the pasta which I now couldn't eat...gently took her hair in my hand and soaked it in the tomato sauce...then I threw it back over the seat splatting all over her...I thought the woman across was going to die trying to suppress laughing out loud. Funny how people don't realize there are others in back and in front.... "

- Tim Devlin

6. "Got on the plane in Hong Kong. Someone's in my seat. Canadian Airlines had double-assigned it. No other seats available. So they sat me in a spare jump seat (where the crew sit for takeoff and landing). Not very comfy. The crew thought I was a mechanic or something. When they found out, they brought me the best food and booze and kept chatting with me. Heard a lot of good insider stories. When I transferred planes in Japan they bumped me up into 1st class."

- Al_Dente

7. "Had one women on flight back from Bahamas who decided to do her nails....yep you guessed it nail polish remover and all... that was before they banned such stuff but imagine the stink in a closed-in space... no class."

- Randolph Demone

8. "Just as we were leaving the gate in Toronto, the passenger directly in front of me freaked out. He started yelling "Help, I'm going to die", then got on his cell phone (which was supposed to be turned off) to call his mother and tell her he loved her. Naturally our flight was delayed while they offloaded the young man."

- alpage48

9. "All hell broke lose on a flight I was on from Brussels to Dakar, Senegal. Soldiers entered the plan and forcibly removed some very angry passengers. Seems a fellow passenger was crying as he was being extradited back to his home country of Gambia."

- Teach1984

10. "Was on a flight and I think it must have been a [toupee] convention, all the men had on hair pieces of some sort. One guy went into the can and did not lock the door. Was he surprised when a lady opened the door and there he was changing his wig. I laughed so hard when he came came out he asked what I was laughing about and told him you."

- torontoron