Re-timer: a solution for jet lag?

Re-timer, a possible cure for jetlag has been released to the market. (Re-Time Pty Ltd.)

Re-timer, a possible cure for jetlag has been released to the market. (Re-Time Pty Ltd.)


, Last Updated: 11:24 AM ET

Leave your sleeping pills behind as Re-timer, a possible cure for jetlag has been released commercially. The new portable device claims to reset the internal body clock, helping long-haul travellers get back on track.

Developed by Australia's Flinders University after 25 years of sleep research, the Re-timer glasses have been commercially launched this month. The new wearable device, available online for AU$249, (US $259) claims to reset the body's internal clock by emitting soft green light into the user's eyes.

After being exposed to the light, long-haul travellers as well as shift workers should find it easier to wake up in the morning and stay alert during the day.

The Re-timer uses LED (or Light-emitting diode) technology that mimics sunlight, stimulating the part of the brain responsible for regulating the body's internal clock.

Before their trip, travellers are advised to calculate how long they should use the device per day and the number of days to use it with the design company's jet lag calculator -- based on the time difference between current location and destination -- in order to adjust their body clocks.

Body clocks regulate our sleep cycles and allow us to stay alert during the day. Body clocks are also responsible for regulating our metabolism. They can be disrupted by staying indoors for long periods of time, travelling to other time zones or by lack of sunlight during the winter months.

Other products such as the Glo Pillow use the same LED technology to help travelers regulate their body clocks. The concept was invented in 2008 and uses an LED fabric substrate below the surface of the pillow to wake the user with light. For 45 minutes before the alarm is set, the pillow begins to glow, simulating a natural sunrise and hence helping to regulate the sleep cycle.

Earlier this year design duo Kawamura-Ganjavia from Studio KG took a different approach to fighting jet lag with their "ostrich pillow" -- a portable device that enables power naps anytime, anywhere which, according to its backers, allows the user "to create a little private space within a public one."