Five destinations for a January holiday

Enjoy the beach in the Dominican Republic. (Shutterstock)

Enjoy the beach in the Dominican Republic. (Shutterstock)


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In many places, January's drab gray skies can damper spirits. Prompting many to seek out sunnier climes. Here is a small selection of places to escape to.


Wintertime in the northern hemisphere is an ideal time to discover Vietnam. The cool temperatures in the north will allow you to relax and breathe, especially at night.Travellers will enjoy the dry sunny weather in the south.

Discover: The Fusion Maia Resort - This five-star establishment, which is part of the TemptingPlaces collection of boutique hotels, offers 87 villas, each with its own pool. The villas are located next to one of Vietnam's most beautiful sandy beaches, My Khe in Da Nang, which stretches over 8 km.


At the beginning of the year, intense heat and monsoons are still far off as is the peak tourist season. Holidaymakers will be able to lounge and enjoy the 30°C + temperatures all over the country.

Discover: The Thai Garden Resort - Located in a small historic fisherman's village in Pattaya, this four-star resort is near several major tourist attractions. During their stay, holidaymakers will be able to visit the Nong Nooch tropical garden and the Sanctuary of Truth -- a temple that measures 100 meters high -- by the water.

Cape Verde

The Cape Verde archipelago is an ideal destination all year round but there are fewer tourists during the January-February period.

Discover: Oasis Atlantico Belorizonte Hotel - At this four-star hotel on Sal Island, visitors can relax on an 8 km beach next to a turquoise blue sea.

The Bahamas

Constant temperatures year-round (around 25°C) and the end of the rainy season mean that holidaymakers can take full advantage of this destination.

Discover: The Tiamo Resort - This luxurious resort on South Andros Island has just been given a makeover. It now has a real dive center, ten cottages, a brand new spa and a swimming pool with overflow.

The Dominican Republic

January-February is an ideal time to discover the south of the country, especially Punta Cana. The North is less welcoming at this time of year.

Discover: Club Lookéa Viva Dominicus Beach - There are many activities avaialble at this four-star vacation club in the island's main resort. Some, like the flying trapeze, are very unusual. Holidaymakers will be able to swim in water above 25°C.