Track your luggage no matter where it ends up with Trakdot

The luggage tracking device Trakdot (Globatrac)

The luggage tracking device Trakdot (Globatrac)


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Losing your luggage while travelling may no longer be the ordeal it once was thanks to Trakdot which premiered at this year's onsumer electronic extravaganza CES. 

According to global airline industry specialists SITA, in 2011 8.99 bags per 1000 passengers were "mishandled" equating to a total of 25.8 million pieces of luggage. Of these 25.8 million "mishandled" bags, 85.6 percent were delayed.

As any traveler who has arrived at their destination only to find their baggage has not yet joined them will confirm, having one's bag delayed can be a worrying and traumatic experience.  

However a new baggage-tracking gadget known as the Trakdot could lessen the stress caused by delayed baggage. Developed by GlobaTrac, the Trakdot is around the same size as a pack of cards and powered by two AA batteries. Once users have registered the Trackdot on the device website, the Trakdot can be packed within a bag enabling users to follow the location of their possessions throughout their travels.  

The device works in conjunction with a free application, available for Android and iOS, or via SMS updates which can be sent to any SMS-capable mobile device. Users of the Trackdot application can track their baggage in real time, while users of the SMS-only service will receive periodic location updates from Trakdot via SMS.

Trakdot will launch in March 2013 priced at US$49.95 for the device itself, with an additional one-off activation fee of $8.99 and an annual service fee of $12.99.

There are several other mobile compatible tracking systems on the market such iTrak or TraceMe, however both of these systems rely on a system of labels attached to the users luggage. These labels feature a unique code which, when entered on the relevant internet site, or quoted to the relevant company, provide information on the user and automatically informs them via their mobile of the location of their luggage.