Delta Airlines releases 'glass bottom' app for flights

(Celso Diniz/

(Celso Diniz/


, Last Updated: 12:39 PM ET

American airline Delta Airlines has released an application designed for fliers who are glued to the window seat throughout their trips.

The new application, which could be an aerophobe's worst nightmare, essentially creates a "glass bottom" for the plane, allowing users to see what is going on beneath their feet. The app uses a combination of maps, satellite images, photos, social media and the aircraft's position to highlight landmarks below the plane, though it is not live footage.

In addition to this so-called "glass bottom" feature, the app also includes information on flight schedules, destination guides and a host of other information.

While the app itself works internationally, the "glass bottom" feature only works while customers are in flight and connected to the internet through a paid Gogo Wi-Fi session, which is currently only available on Delta's internal flights, however the service is expected to reach international flights by 2015.