Who are the world's friskiest flyers?




, Last Updated: 3:04 PM ET

In a survey that asked 700 cabin crew members to dish on the randiest flyers in the world, it seems that Brits are most likely to try and depressurize in the air and join the mile high club.

Travel website Skyscanner released the results of their survey which asked the world's most frequent flyers – flight attendants and stewards – which nation's air travellers were friskiest in the air.

The result? Brits came in first, followed by Australians, Germans, French and Brazilians.

Love is also in the air when it comes to the men and women in uniform who are there to serve and protect, as three-quarters of crew members said they've been asked out on a date by lovestruck passengers during a flight. Of that 75%, 14% admitted to accepting.

Meanwhile, Dutch airline KLM allows passengers to choose their seatmates via Facebook and LinkedIn in a program called KLM Meet and Seat.

In 2009, Air New Zealand also launched a matchmaking flight a few years ago, boarding 100 singles on a flight from Los Angeles to Auckland that included a themed cabin, party snacks, speed dating and ice-breaking games.