Top 10 gay-friendly destinations

A recent report ranks the most gay-friendly countries. (ArrowStudio LLC/

A recent report ranks the most gay-friendly countries. (ArrowStudio LLC/


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If you're looking for a gay-friendly holiday destination, consider booking a vacation to Spain, which has emerged as the most tolerant country in a recently released study.

To gauge country attitudes towards homosexuality, researchers at the Pew Research Center asked respondents a simple question: Should society accept homosexuality?

Of the 37,650 respondents surveyed across 39 countries, the majority of people polled in Spain -- 88% --  responded affirmatively to make it the most gay-friendly country in the list.

Rounding out the top five most tolerant countries are Germany, where 87% of respondents agreed that society should accept homosexuality, the Czech Republic and Canada (tied at 80%), France (77%) and Britain (76%).

Not surprisingly, the acceptance of homosexuality is particularly dominant in countries where religion is less central in people's lives, the report notes. They also happen to be among the richest countries on the list.

The same is true of the reverse, as the poorer and more religious the country, the stronger the resistance to homosexuality.

Overall, younger respondents also expressed more tolerant views compared to their older counterparts, while women tend to be more open than men in certain countries.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, the report suggests traveling with caution to countries like Egypt, Indonesia, Ghana and Jordan, where the overwhelming majority of respondents expressed hostile views on homosexuality, rejecting it in near unanimity: only three percent answered positively to the same question.

Here are the top 10 gay-friendly destinations, ranked according to their answers to the question, "Should society accept homosexuality?"

1. Spain 88 percent yes
2. Germany 87%
3. Czech Republic and Canada 80%
4. France 77%
5. Britain 76%
6. Italy and Argentina 74%
7. Chile 68%
8. Mexico 61%
9. US 60%
10. Japan 54%