Line of drinking boxes and nutrition bars claim to fight jet lag

FlyFit (Vitalihealth, FlyFit)

FlyFit (Vitalihealth, FlyFit)


, Last Updated: 11:42 AM ET

A Dutch company has created a line of antioxidant foods and drinks which it claims can fight jet lag by reducing fatigue, nourishing the skin and maintaining healthy blood flow in-flight.

Created by Vitalit Laboratories in Amsterdam, which specializes in fatigue solutions, the FlyFit brand includes fruit-flavored drinks, chewable candies, nutritional bars and fruit chips that are pitched as antidotes to the effects of jet lag.

The pomegranate and blueberry drinking boxes, for instance, are packed with Q4 raw fruit extract, a mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are supposed to boost resistance, prevent dehydration and nourish the skin.

The Vitality Boosters, meanwhile, are pitched as instant immune boosters packed with vitamin C, zinc and fruit extracts that can be consumed straight from the stick or diluted with water. They're also meant to reduce fatigue and tiredness.

And the FlyFit Flow drinks contain an EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)-approved ingredient, FruitFlow, that can maintain healthy blood flow during flight.

The line is gaining steady attention within the airline industry with carriers like Singapore Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Spirit Airlines signing on to stock the products as part of their in-flight menu offerings this year.

Low-budget Australian carrier JetStar and easyJet include FlyFit products in crew snacks.

The products are also sold at the Schiphol Amsterdam Airport at the Grab and Fly shop.

FlyFit isn't the first jet lag-fighting product. Kiwi-based 1Above is a drink similar in concept, packed with electrolytes for hydration and vitamins like calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium for circulation.